About Gini

Hi! I’m Gini Hawthorne. For many years I have been sharing the Biblical principles found in this book in a classroom setting. Those who attend the classes focus on the financial wisdom and financial instructions found in the Word of God. Students complete the assignments and apply Gods’ instructions to their financial circumstances. Many of those students are now living debt-free lives, have become home-owners, and are preparing for their future financial needs. Many have shared their knowledge with family, friends, and co-workers, encouraging them to live financially free lives.

Marriages have been mended as mates have applied the principles and instructions to their circumstances. In the United States, 50% of marriages end in divorce. An even more startling statistic is that 83% of those formerly married say the failure of their marriage was caused by financial disputes. Those disputes were not necessarily a result of lack of funds. Lack of agreement on financial goals, who was responsible to provide income, which expenditures were priorities, debt, etc. caused disagreements. It is my hope that couples contemplating marriage will read this book, discuss the principles, and come into agreement prior to marriage.

I want to call your attention to Chapter 7. Two related topics are addressed there. First, information concerning the way your federal tax bill is calculated by Internal Revenue and secondly how that information relates to the pre-payment of your mortgage. Understanding this relationship will save you many thousands of dollars and many months of mortgage payments. Even CPA’s have expressed regret for misguiding clients because they did not have this information.

My prayer is that you will study the text, carefully complete the assignments, apply both to your financial situation and “CHOOSE TO BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE”.